Thursday , December 9 2021

Javiera Suárez defended itself from those who die in & # 39; social networks


Javiera Suárez again & # 39; re-emerged in the media and in & # 39; this event is defending itself from hunters through jattakkawha & # 39; social networks.

The journalist spoke with & # 39; La Tercera and recalled her annoyance & # 39; those comments about her cancer treatment.

"How do you want me to pay what cost this disease! To die because they do not have money to heal is terrible. I am lucky to be able to & # 39; pay for treatment, but I have a bad time and I'm scared & # 39; death. We talk to the person who has a little more and you & # 39; afford insurance? ", he said Suárez, who also acknowledged that it preferred to begin blocking these comments.

In addition, Javi had time to talk about politics and current mandate & # 39; Sebastián Piñera. The journalist ħebax his preference and acknowledged that "I love how she makes it, it gives me security" and clarified that this is not "Pro Pinochet".

"The faith that tħaddanha"

Javiera Suárez also had words to comment on the death of & # 39; Mateo, the son of her friend Leonor Varela.

"I remember the babyshower get bored. We are friends for six years, we got caught," he said.

He also described how were the last days of the child. "Matthew was taking a very hard time lately. I've talked to & # 39; herself and is very calm. The faith to keep," he closed.

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