Sunday , June 26 2022

Joaquín Méndez revealed Karol Dance clearly a joke "unexposed" Society


This morning, the "Youth Patrol" of & # 39; many Taste, Conformed by María José Quintanilla, Joaquín Méndez and Karol Lucero, Raised in the house & # 39; Patricia Maldonado, where they enjoyed before entering the pool.

After completing live office, Karol took a shower where paparazzi from Méndez, who surprised his followers Instagram publication Undisclosed, Under – test "to Karol star naked! One – eccentricity & # 39; philanthropist is to listen to LUIS MI. BATHING AT @lmxlm. "

Posting opened the wind & # 39; the social network users, indicating that Joaquín Méndez only "loquillo" by Karol.

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