Tuesday , June 28 2022

Jokes unnecessary? Routine de Bombo FICA in Telethon was strongly criticized in the Telethon networks


The first comedian who picked up the Telethon stage was Bombo FICA, which sought the audience and viewers see. Of course, the humorist was not exempt from criticism, the jokes launched.

Already the entrance comedian drew attention, since it was f & # 39; wheelchair and b & # 39; colored orthopedic boot. This was because, due to a football game, the tendon of & # 39; the Akiles was ruptured & # 39 ;, injury did not prevent him from being present at the beginning of the crusade & # 39; solidarity.

Of course, the negative comments were after. While there were laughs from the public, on Twitter prevented through the jokes launched the Bombo on feminiżmu and immigrants, along with & # 39; sexist jokes, especially to think about the current scenario exists in the country.

"I got some pictures of the president (from Croatia) and caught love. I looked the pictures and said" because we can not have a president like that? ", The left humorista joking.

Of course this was not the only thing, because having taken advantage refers to immigrants arriving in Chile and the effect can & # 39; have on the country: "F & # 39; 20 years, half the Chilean will be children & # 39; foreigners who arrived today in our country. Look good, because after we changed properly"It was one of his jokes.

These comments triggered social networks, where they refrain from criticizing the routine & # 39; Bombo FICA

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