Thursday , August 5 2021

La Serena and Coquimbo provide reports & # 39; damage after 6.7 earthquake: more than 9 thousand people affected | national

The municipalities of La Serena and Coquimbo, through the Operating Committees of their respective Emergency (COE), t Report & # 39; damage to houses and people affected after the earthquake & # 39; 6.7 this Saturday.

The movement telluriku left two people dead, rolled, road cuts, damage to facades of old buildings and basic services interruptions.

According to La Serena COE, the damage report by sector is configured as follows: t

-Delegazzjoni Municipal & # 39; La Antena: Three homes with minor damage.
-Delegazzjoni Municipal Companies: 36 damaged home, 11 of them with major damage.
Municipal Delegation -La Pampa: 20 home with complications, 16 of them with minor damage (roof), two closed perimeter floor, both with & # 39; medium damage. Of the 20 home, 10 correspond to the Huachalalume sector.
-Delegazzjoni Municipal Avenida del Mar: two damaged houses; One f'Caleta San Pedro and one f'Mermasol. How without resident.
– Rural Municipal Delegation: to confirm the whole situation.
-Report Department of Municipal Works in the Historic District: 121 registered house, of which 74 with severe damage.

The report adds that people who have damage to their homes shall approach Department of Municipal Works, the Municipal Housing Office, Secplan, or municipal delegation counterpart sector, which should be evaluated and incorporated into the cadastre carried out by the municipality.


According to the report of the Committee on the Operation of Emergency (COE) of Coquimbo, there 9716 people affected and there are still 35 thousand to visit.

The damage of the housing report is as follows:

-70 home with minor damage
-45 home uninhabitable with major damage
-40 houses that can not be recovered
-120 for determining injury
– No people as isolated

It was also reported that a group & # 39; children from Osorno, who were in the area at the tour championship, Overnight at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso state.

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