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Lack & # 39; medicines to treat 60,000 patients with HIV in Mexico, says NGO – Diario Digital Our Country


Mexico, 7 & # 39; January (EFE) .- Failure & # 39; retroviral drugs to treat AIDS patients or HIV affects 60,000 patients from several Mexican states, they put their lives at & # 39; risk, today reported the NGO AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

The absence of this drug in the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche, Chihuahua, Coahuila and in some areas of the central state of Mexico, is due, according to the organization in a statement, the "little the supply of medicines. "

Since December 2018, affected organizations and pointless & # 39; earnings began protests failure & # 39; drugs, if not administered periodically, can cause deterioration in the health of patients, resistance to other drugs, development & # 39; disease and even risk & # 39; Death, detailed AHF.

The organization requested the declaration to defend the health of patients' before the institutional oversight, and generated opposite situation to that Andrés Manuel López President Obrador promised in the campaign. "

In the consultation of citizens carried out by the team & # 39; López Obrador when it had not been inaugurated as president, 24 and 25 & # 39; November has been included in the proposal to "guarantee medical attention and medicines for all population m & # 39; has health services". health. "

However, AHF said to m & # 39; no "clear policies to fulfill the promises made in health."

On 30 & # 39; in November, the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) of Mexico asked the government of Mexico to double efforts in various stages of & # 39; HIV detection and treatment to eradicate the epidemic before 2020.

The CNDH also recalled that in Mexico 220,000 people are living with HIV, of whom only 64% know about their status. Of these, 132,000 are receiving antiretroviral treatment and 110,000 managed to eliminate viral replication. EFE

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