Tuesday , August 9 2022

Larrain talking about leaving Chile from ISS


The Secretary of State indicated that "there are some who, by decisions of their parent companies, decided not here."

The Minister of Finance, Felipe Larrain, referred to the departure of the Danish service company ISS of the country and employs around 15 thousand employees in Chile.

"I think we'll see many more companies will come from those who will go, because there are already 40,000 companies that are in the world of design and many others to come and considering the country, there are some through a & # 39; decisions of their parents decided not here ", Said the Secretary of State having participated in the conference "Demand Solutions Chile, Ideas to Improve Life", organized by the IDB.

Yesterday the company announced that executives will come from 13 considered as non-market & # 39; profit, including Chile.

In an interview with & # 39; Diario FinancieroDaniel C. Ryan, CEO of ISS Americas, commented that the process will not mean the closure of the offices operating 14 years ago, but will start a & # 39; sales process . In addition, it assures that it will not generate redundancies.

With annual sales in Chile for about US $ 200 million and with a presence in 450 customer & # 39; 19 between Arica and Punta Arenas city. In fact, Chile is the largest operation & # 39; ISS in Latin America, exceeded Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

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