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League of Legends: Riot Games of the accused violated the privacy rights of its users | technology


It has formed a major scandal in the community recognized League & # 39; Legends when a user & # 39; Reddit reported that, following the detection of security breaches in the system, game access searches and interactions in user browsers.

The fight against piracy and programs & # 39; & # 39 development; third parties that may affect the gaming experience is a constant war for developers who are obliged to safeguard users & # 39; these negative practices b & # 39; increasingly interesting and particular methods.

According to the user's report, he noted that when opened tab method-bit browser to search cheat engine, A program that allows the user to modify variables in real time on any software in execution, at the same time & # 39; use of the video game.

After playing a few seconds, the system reports an error which states that used programs & # 39; third parties, and therefore the application will be closed in order not to affect the experience of other users.

YouTube capture
YouTube capture

The controversy is justified in the fact that Riot Games jirreklamax with the user contract or the fight game piracy policies against the use of & # 39; recognition and reading the browser to prevent the use of & # 39; such programs, and b & # 39; as a breach of contract agreements and the players privacy.

However, the agreement & # 39; privacy company collect information indicating how to avoid bad practices & # 39; some users and re-emphasizes the consent supervision in paragraph 7 of the terms & # 39; use.

S & # 39; now the company did not refer to the subject, while in comments community are shared by those who believe they see a violation of their privacy and those to clarify that the company has been making this action from around 2013.

Check out the video where the Reddit user shows the said report & # 39; error (in English without subtitles.

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