Monday , May 23 2022

LG launches the first roll-up airplay on television and announced its Smart TV


LG OLED TV to signature

During the Fair of Electronics and Computer CES 2019 a & # 39; Las Vegas, LG Electronics presented the first roll-up OLED TV in the world. It was released under the name LG Signature OLED TV R-65R9 model -, and Korean brand t & # 39; South stressed that an important evolution after years has been improving with the media size and its resolution . All this is part of the demand of consumers, who now call experience & # 39; more immersive display, are indicated in the presentation.

There is a problem with conventional televisions and, when not in use, the room they are doing it part of a huge black rectangle. Samsung already solviha by showing visible image as the wall itself; and LG Electronics have gone further by making bets on the first roll-up OLED TV in the world. Because yes, we can use a projector to solve this – & # 39; problem & # 39 ;, but & # 39; do not have the same possibilities in level & # 39; and black contrast & # 39 ;.

This is the LG OLED TV Signature R, the first OLED TV roll-up with three ways & # 39; display never seen

Full View is the first way & # 39; display & # 39; this Signature LG OLED TV R, and is simple: TV is folded, and its use is usually. But with & # 39; Alexa, artificial intelligence, airplay, HomeKit … In short, new technologies & # 39; connectivity and voice control, and with Alpha processor 9b & # 39; deep learning. The Line View mode allows the reproduction of the content b & # 39; partial display TV LG OLED TV Signature R, b & # 39; special apps such as music, or clock time among some others. For example, you & # 39; see photos sent from your mobile phone at & # 39; this way.

And most importantly, because of its exclusivity with respect to & # 39; any other smart TV in the world, is the way Zero View. F & # 39; this mode, it simply hide the device and keep it rolled completely, even so, we can enjoy 4.2 audio with the highest power & # 39; 100W and the Dolby Atmos certification.

What shows us this new TV, on the other hand, is that Samsung will not be exclusive airplay. The Apple system that allows you to send content to the TV from an iPhone, iPad or Mac, will also be available on LG TVs so we do not have have to buy Apple TV if we just nidduplikaw the screen, for example. Currently, we only know that airplay will be available on LG TVs in 2019. (

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