Friday , December 3 2021

Living with HIV in Chile: Testimonials from people diagnosed


Chile is among the countries register largest increase in cases of & # 39; HIV, A reality that generated criticism about the effectiveness of & # 39; prevention campaigns.

But beyond preventive methods, almost 70,000 people live in Chile virus, According to the United Nations Joint Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS).

Génesis González and Williams Morales are two of those people, who said CNN Chile as living with HIV in & # 39; country.

"I was not a normal girl '

Genesis González acquired the virus from her mother, who was infected years before becoming pregnant by a blood transfusion in 1996. Both received treatment from the first moment, something that did not happen 40 years ago.

"For me to live with HIV is nothing. It's like going every day zero negative person, because I am zero positive is the same, because my life is normal and I'm already complete my career", says .

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Genesis studying gastronomy and in the coming days will be devoted to practice in Spain. In his suitcase he will take treatment taken since birth, and that was not always like.

"I was not a normal girl. Could not go to pajamas & # 39; my friend because I had to remedy the morning and afternoon. For me it was horrible, the worst time of the day, "he says.

Spelled school

"F & # 39; at that time there was no medicine. I do not know if I will be are lucky or whether the life magic, but minor account, and when the drugs appeared, account before the line, "Williams says Morales.

Williams lives in & # 39; Chiloé, is huilliche and the harder it was to combat the side effects of treatment, but rather to & # 39; it HIV discrimination.

"I was expelled from school, friendships were onI child, I did not know x & # 39; was happening. It was recently recognized Chile x & # 39; was the word AIDS, "he says.

"According to me, they were experimenting with me. I had some treatment by officials & # 39; hospitals and I, obbligatorily, ask for my height"He adds.

The importance of treatment

Although Genesis and Williams are now well and apply the treatment so that the virus does not cancel their immune system, the fight was not always easy.

Genesis, for example, has undergone three different therapies and one of them caused allergies. "As the rat doctor is terrible because they do not know x & # 39; will do well and what is not, "he says.

And although it is difficult to find the right therapy, there is an important reason to achieve. Experts agree that when a person has access to treatment with & # 39; constant and permanent way, does not pass the virus to other people.

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Genesis goes to Spain and hopes to find a company with & # 39; less restrictive HIV. William will continue in Chile, fighting for his rights and expects to again feel -New & # 39; other – under medical experiments.

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