Saturday , December 4 2021

Lucas Barrios inform Colo Colo b & # 39; heartfelt word on social networks Sports


Summon heartfelt Lucas Barrios for all peoples & # 39; colo colo, Thank you for all lived these six months I was in the club the support he had from fans in good moments and bad personal happened.

"I wanted b & # 39; this way to say goodbye to all officers of the club and thank them for all the help received in & # 39; this time, my colleagues, staff coaching, kolocolinos for all the unconditional support in good and bad moments", He began by saying in & # 39; place on the account & # 39; his Instagram,

"I also want to thank all Chilean football, which has always treated me & # 39; much respect and concern. Today came the day to say goodbye and thank you for opening doors in I & # 39; so much loved country ", added the striker.

Finally, launched Barrios: "I would be grateful always been part of Chilean football especially as a large club Colo Colo. I send tgħajjrek all those who followed and nixtieqhom best for next year. I love you very much! Lucas Barrios.

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