Thursday , December 9 2021

Luis Miguel will not be part of the Viña Festival 2019


After long negotiations and rumors by & # 39; definitely means Luis Miguel will not be in the next edition of the Festival & # 39; Viña del Mar.

The reasons for the decision, confirmed by the producer in charge of his visit in & # 39; El Mercurio, are the barriers to transmit his show as well as the current complex singer, Which was involved in cancellations & # 39; concerts and presentations & # 39; Regular quality in recent times.

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Also, a few weeks ago his supporters they booed him in & # 39; one of his concerts at the National Auditorium Mexico, Because the Mexican interpretawx with his songs completely and left the stage without prior warning at & # 39; several occasions.

The – representatives & # 39; T4F + Bizarro, One of the producers in charge of the grill festival, He traveled to Mexico City in & # 39; mid-November to see his shows and adjust the details for the arrival of competition, something that was vital for a final decision.

Anyway, Luis Miguel will be presented in Chile four & # 39; consecutive dates at the Movistar Arena, whose tickets sold within hours.

For now, production of new names to add to the festival probes parrilla. According to the media, some of which are targeted are Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Marco Antonio Solis and Raphael. However, efforts have been complicated, since none of them appears as a substitute for the so-called "Sol de México".

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