Monday , November 29 2021

Mastercard says Santander will be safer after leaving Transbank | economy


After the end of the contract between Santander and Transbanksaid bank will have access to anti & # 39; new security for its customers in Chile, some of which may even serve to prevent future leaks such as those that occurred during 2018.

From Mastercard, its senior vice president of Security Solutions for Latin America and the Caribbean, Patricio Hernández, said Pulse jet that Santander will implement a system & # 39; "Tokenization" for your national transactions, that & # 39; now were available only for your international transactions.

This system consists of "Code" only to replace and protect sensitive data (such as data & # 39; deadline or card number) User at the moment of transaction, so they not only banks and traders to handle the banking information of clients.

According to Hernández, Santander will be the only banking institution in Chile to have this system, but "is also talking with other banks."

Another tool that will have the bank will service SafetyNet, Which oversees Mastercard transactions to identify and stop possible fraud.

Does & # 39; it is added – of Service & # 39; Early Detection, With whom – branded monitors – available cards (for leaks or other events) in – dark web (Part of the Internet that does not appear in the classic search engines) to alert the bank if found some suspicious movement.

To go further & # 39; forward, and reaching customers, by signing the system can & # 39; reach Chile NuDetect which, according to the specialized press, consists & # 39; system which allows users to record the card number or their password in & # 39; each transaction, since the mobile phone "learns, through & # 39; different measurement, whether it really worth making the purchase ", the way the customer analysis keeps the cell phone, the speed reading and writing, among other variables.

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