Monday , November 29 2021

Maya Fernández requires extraordinary audit to investigate costs & # 39; controversial travel to the National Congress


The chairman of the House of Representatives, Maya Fernández, Announced that it called for a review to clarify possible irregularities in the payment & # 39; a & # 39; travel expenses Parliamentary having been published by the excesses of the Transparency Law in figures & # 39; June & # 39; this year.

It was through & # 39; post the Parliamentary Audit Committee that the owner called extraordinary audit to verify that all payments "viable" conducted with & # 39; correct way.

The situation occurs after the publication of the Law on Transparency in the House of Representatives page allocations to this point by a deputy during the month & # 39; June was & # 39; $ 250,000 pesos higher than the maximum set by law.

The head of Evópoli bank, Luciano Cruz-Coke, assessed the audit request and explained that excessive amounts were returned a month after the irregularity.

During the week, the secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, Miguel Landeros, explained that the situation occurred because about a hundred parliamentarians received costs & # 39; & # 39 of travel; fifteen days during the month, with only twelve paid.

After the information published on the website of the House began spreading from the picture, the figures have been modified, that has been criticized by some parliamentarians as there was no return record & # 39; costs & # 39; excessive travel.

The head of the PPD bank, Ricardo Celis, said the lack of & # 39; details at the time of the transfer of the assignments make it possible to generate such situations.

The review requested by the chairman of the House of Representatives to increase the administrative summary directed by the legislative body secretary seeks to determine responsibilities generated irregularities in payments.

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