Thursday , December 9 2021

Mesut Ozil, heading for Serie A?


«His commitment is good, is good train. I have spoken with him and nippressah to give more quality in games, and maintain good performances against big and small teams, both in & # 39; & # 39 countries as well; away. Each player has the challenge to help the team. All of them have the challenge to improve individually and collectively. And with & # 39; Mesut, great player, we have to continue working to maintain that high level & # 39; quality f & # 39; any game ».

These recent words & # 39; Unai Emery show performance & # 39; Mesut Ozil not end up that prepares – Arsenal. In fact, the Basque did not hesitate to punish b & # 39; good dose & # 39; bank failure & # 39; continuity in their game.

This situation has not been noted by the press islands. In fact, in the last hours, the newspaper The sun He has already assured that if the relationship between the coach and the German midfielder to tighten, the continuity in the club can & # 39; continue & # 39; airborne.

According to this newspaper, the German m & # 39; it intends to leave the team in & # 39; in January, but is willing to appreciate release in the summer if his role continues to decline. Y If this scenario occurs, one of the big Serie A clubs, Inter Milan, not stay back to take the opportunity to launch their networks on footballer.

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