Tuesday , March 21 2023

Microsoft designs its new office in & # 39; Minecraft


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Microsoft has been working on the redesign of & # 39; its offices in 2007 Redmond, Which is defined as the headquarters of the company, work is expected to finish in 2022, and had no better idea of ​​the company to design and present their project through their video game, minecraft.

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According to the information provided, Microsoft he contacted Works & # 39; Block, A company that has a lot of experience since carried out similar tasks, so they can rebuild the office scale. The company above already worked on similar projects for such companies Warner Bros., Disney and museum in & # 39; London.

The new office & # 39; Microsoft It will have 100 buildings, as well as soccer, cricket, tennis and even coffee shops or stores, it's all done in & # 39; land is not more or less than 200 ha, that sounds incredible, so it can & # 39; assume work performed by Works & # 39; Block It was very long and difficult.

S & # 39; think about the new way of designing buildings?


Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Cover

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