Friday , December 3 2021

Microsoft says that the iPad is not a computer "real" in her new face Go ad


Microsoft is taking a liking to it mess with the iPad in the ads of your face. Today has launched a new rate & # 39; this commercial fight to see which girl and her grandmother to the store & # 39; Microsoft. The background & # 39; the story revolves, of course, that computer is "real".

"Grandma, do not exist and are going to buy iPad"

Grandma, do not go and go buy an iPad. I was fine when I was six years but now I have ten. My dreams is great, so I need a real computer. To make the best things that I know I can & # 39; I do. I also know how to nipprogramma. And friendship helps Manatee. All I want is the Facial Go to the most smartest I can & # 39; is.

This is what the protagonist girl & # 39; & # 39 announcement; Microsoft talked, b & # 39; clearly to the iPad a & # 39; Apple. The girl warn her grandmother not to purchase an iPad for Christmas, because that equipment is useless to work really. This girl claims that Surface Go allows it to do what you want and needs to exploit its full potential.

The tone & # 39; the ad is pleasant but uses repetitive argument Microsoft. The message & # 39; background says that the iPad does not work seriously, only serves as a "toy" for young children. We are dealing with & # 39; the most common criticism & # 39; specific part of & # 39; users of traditional computer paradigm. Without a mouse or a conventional operating system, can not do serious work and therefore can not be a computer.

The Surface was presented in Go & # 39; mid-year as revenue model to spread. Characterized by the touch screen and stylus support for Microsoft, in conjunction with & # 39; keyboard and mouse, this is the most affordable hybrid version of & # 39; Microsoft. However, all that shines in the face land is not gold.

Consumers move to buy iPad

iPad in 2018

The Surface Go is advertised as the most affordable model & # 39; Microsoft, but it does so with a few asterisks. The starting price in Spain is & # 39; 449 euros, 100 euros more than the same 2018 iPad which is trying to compete. To how you add the keyboard and the corresponding stylus:

  • Go 64GB Surface & # 39; 449 euros for entry: keyboard and pen for an additional 99 euros to 93 euros offered. Total: 641 euros.
  • 2018 iPad 32GB & # 39; entry for 349 euros: Logitech keyboard and crayon from 72 euros to 72 euros. Total: 493 euros.

We can match the storage of both with & # 39; 128GB, but then The comparison is no longer a model & # 39; input. And, as an added bonus, are not even talking about the rest of the hardware: processor generic & # 39; Intel Pentium Gold handle with & # 39; Apple A10 Fusion. Although in reality no one doubts that iPad is superior to 2018 Surface Go.

For many, the debate is wrong with the operating system and mouse support as a way to "really work", in very subjective definition and near what is considered valid or not. However, this debate appears to & # 39; interest only to a specific group & # 39; users and not for the general public. The sales speak for themselves.

In the past year, Microsoft has generated revenue of & # 39; 5061 million dollars, while the iPad generated almost four & # 39; fold b & # 39; 19 222 million dollars in the same period. And not only sell more, but Apple put the iPad as a tool that goes beyond simple consumption of content. We have artists like Jaime Sanjuan to paint pictures on his iPad and others like Sarah Clifford medical illustrator using iPad Pro.

Type & # 39; device to determine which computer is real or not; this makes the work that you & # 39; do it

Contrary to what Microsoft says, iPad also serve to learn how to program Swift application thanks to the playgrounds, in which users can learn to program in & # 39; this language. And furthermore, has the largest platform & # 39; augmented reality for educational purposes thanks to ARKIT. Support for Apple Pencil and crayon of Logitech complete block proposal.

In the end, this speech & # 39; what the computer really exceeded from the moment that Apple called out & # 39; is a computer, f & # 39; one of the programs of campaigns & # 39; best advertising company. Because the type & # 39; equipment is not what determines whether or not a computer; It's what you & # 39; do with it.

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