Tuesday , March 21 2023

Minister denies PLA attack on Colombian journalist


"This Colombian fails na", Is allegedly the controversial phrase Minister for Women and Gender Equity, Isabel Pla, Within the framework of & # 39; activity related to the plan "Do not let it pass", held on Thursday in & # 39; Punta Arenas, the Region & # 39; Magallanes.

As reported by regional media, "The Magallánico" several witnesses were listening to the release of the minister to Colombian journalist, Paola Patiño, The ITV reporter Patagonia.

Publication & # 39; this device, note that the journalist I wonder to the portfolio holder on Alleged budget cuts for & # 39; violence prevention plans based on sexThis would lead to reaction & # 39; plasma.

Product & # 39; so, the – Journalists College & # 39; Magallanes issued a statement criticizing the attitude of the minister.

The union also highlighted the criterion should have the minister, especially at the time of & # 39; relate to & # 39; someone & # 39; the same sex, Attributing to his position.

Because of this, Isabel pla stated through his Twitter account that "strongly alleged aggression against Colombian journalist, My attitude was and will always be & # 39; respect for the man, the truth and journalism ".

According Emol media, the journalist, Paola Patiño, said that "already heard about, But I lived, along with other colleagues, arrogance and rudeness to attack a question ".

And it added The minister assured in front of the camera that the journalist was not properly informed and later would send a message to sources & # 39; Patiño, and tells them that they had made a mistake when giving information to the professional.

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