Saturday , May 21 2022

Moreno and doubts about the Araucania Plan: We can not lose everything


The crisis generated the death of Mapuche Comunero Camilo Catrillanca f & # 39; ARCILLAS not only reached the social sphere, with & # 39; protests and demonstrations, but also led to the resignation of the mayor now anticipated of the region & # 39; La Araucania, Luis Mayol, and dismissal and resignation of officers & # 39; Carabineros.

Given & # 39; so, one of the questions raised is the continuation of plan Araucanía, however, constantly been ratified by different political authorities, Among them, the President Sebastián Piñera.

In – the same tonic – Social Development Minister, Alfredo Moreno, secured in T13 Night that – The Plan Araucania should go & # 39; forward especially after the death of & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca, since "experience to see how lost life & # 39; man and violence that occurred subsequently led people appreciate what we have done and You & # 39; to lose. "

With – regard – visit visited President Piñera in the region & # 39; La Araucania during this week, the minister agreed to the measure states that "the president is the president of all Ċiljani, f & # 39; this area going difficult time." I think what to expect is that the state and the State management, There is and say "I am with you' "

The same support to minister to the former current intendenti of the region & # 39; La Araucania, Luis Mayol, While affirming that his resignation was "personal decision". "I think I made the best spirits to always made the first wealth & # 39; La Araucania and of Ċiljani, before personal benefit", Estimated to Moreno.

B & # 39; that way, the Secretary of State He emphasized how quickly the government acted to face what happened with death & # 39; Catrillanca, compared with & # 39; Similar situations experienced in & # 39; that the area of ​​the country, and noted that "there has been a profound and rapid action by the government and the Carabineros".

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