Wednesday , December 8 2021

NASA mission to take samples from an asteroid called "Bennu" reached its destination | technology


The first mission of NASA designed to visit an asteroid and return its dust sample to Mosta Tierra arrive Monday at its destination, Bennu, two years after the launch of Cabo Canaveral, Florida

The mission & # 39; $ 800 million, called OSIRIS-Rex, planned appointment 12: 00 (1700 GMT) with the asteroid, and will use its own set of & # 39; five scientific instruments to tistudjaha over the next year and a half.

In 2020, the probe will spread to its robotic arm and touch the asteroid f & # 39; that description as a NASA "Light Conflict & # 39; hands", aiming to collect roughly two ounces (60 grams) of & # 39; material from the surface of the asteroid and return to Earth for further study.

Bennu is rich in carbon, and has been chosen by over 500,000 asteroż in the solar system because they orbit near the road Earth around the Sun, is the size right for scientific study and is one of the oldest asteroids known to the NASA.


Scientists hope to reveal more information about the early formation of the solar system and how to find valuable resources such as metals and water on asteroids.

The Japanese JAXA space agency tested for the first time the collection & # 39; samples from an asteroid.

The Hayabusa spacecraft & # 39; JAXA crashed on the surface of the asteroid in its goal and managed to return a few micrograms & # 39; material in 2010.

Live NASA formal arrival of the spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex starts at 11: 45 (1645 GMT).

OSIRIS-Rex is the acronym for Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security Explorer regolith.

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