Sunday , June 11 2023

Neither sex nor alcohol, it is best to buy on Amazon


Amazon must be very pleased with the results of the survey of more than a thousand Millennials, which showed their love for the online store.

This generation to which we belong is … Quite rare.

Ok, not all are the same or millennia all people like that, obviously, we are all unique and different. But large-scale, well-known as a generation millennia Gives a lot of material & # 39; a lot of things … Suppose … Curious notes.

Recently, on 3 & # 39; December, 2018 to be exact, Max Borges Agency, which specializes in public relations and communications, conducted a survey of & # 39; a large number of & # 39; youth under what is considered "Millennial"

1,108 people between 18 and 34 years were interviewed and asked a question that says a lot about the current state of society.

You prefer sex to stop for a year or stop buying at Amazon for a year?

44% of respondents preferred to leave sex continued on Amazon.

On the other hand, were also asked:

Would you prefer to stop drinking alcohol or stop buying year in year Amazon?

The majority of respondents voted to leave the alcohol instead of leave Amazon, nothing more and nothing less than 77% of participants.

Amazon intends to sell too cheap products and are planning to take measures to make profit

This shows the impact that a company can & # 39; have today, except to tell us that most people now prefer to spend money on material things rather than spend it on real experiences with & # 39; other humans.

S & # 39; choose? Sex, alcohol or Amazon?

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