Wednesday , May 25 2022

Netflix advance release & # 39; "at-the Stadium Massacre", a documentary about the murder of & # 39; Víctor Jara


On Friday, 11 January & # 39;, Netflix will premiere a new episode of its documentary series remastered, This time with a focus on killing of Chilean singer-writer Víctor Jara.

"Massacre at the Stadium" is the name of the fourth chapter which were compiled interviews with relatives and archive images.

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"Song & # 39; Víctor Jara is more dangerous than a hundred machine guns", Is one of the first phrases heard in the new preview published Monday by streaming platform.

"Gone over 40 years and still we do not have justice for Víctor Jara," says a woman later.

remastered began in October chapter on Bob Marley, continued in November with a life of Johnny Cash and premiered his third episode based on the murder of Jam Master Jay

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