Thursday , June 30 2022

New campaign & # 39; Wom ħarek club offers to other operators


In the context of the discussion of the spectrum.

We have another new campaign and a hilarious & # 39; Wom, now compare directly with & # 39; Entel, Movistar and Claro with character "Kiko" a & # 39; Chavo del 8.

All this is a full discussion on the issue of return of the spectrum of the three largest operators.

The issue was covered for a long time and this campaign, despite how you & # 39; to be funny, it just Wom to take the opportunity to rely on the initiative and fight to the Telecommunications Undersecretary been giving for several months .

It is titled "I pray to Lo Justo" and maintains "that requires fair competition & # 39; 5G for all", which is quite tendinja, and implies that do not have network access, but the development of & # 39; this technology in the country, along Its implementation is only in its infancy.

The other operators won the bid in & # 39; at that time, but Subtel say they gave it "misuse" and that is why it froze.

Our position is that & # 39; moderation, since both sides have some reason, but the possibility that perhaps the state entity preparing the way for more foreign players to come in the form of & # 39 ; operators, such as China Telecom, is becoming more suspicious. , But we insist, are just suspicions.

The end justice will decide whether operators maintain the most of their spectrum or remain & # 39 ;, again, f & # 39; Subtel hand. Wom m & # 39; has much someone can & # 39; play here, but manage to generate popularity and controversy.

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