Wednesday , December 8 2021

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Mars, 20:47 hours: Insight is on the Martian soil after six months & # 39; travel. The new mission of NASA just out and become a new success & # 39; the agency & # 39; space. We have come a step in the history of mankind when the Insight launched a probe 5 & # 39; May – returned to "stop sailing" to stop it on a completely different floor. It's incredible what human ingenuity is able to do, and it is equally surprising to see how the economic resources invested in & # 39; this area & # 39; research will be used by & # 39; profitable way future. And the most extraordinary thing is to see how anyone, even separated by ideologies and cultures, meeting & # 39; to see this memorable event. For some moments, the whole world joined in the celebration. As Piergiorgio Odifreddi said: "M & # 39; no science wars, nor was there ever, because science is one."

Chiara Battini. Milan (Italy)

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