Saturday , December 4 2021

Neymar launched a phrase that hit Europe


The Brazilian was linked & # 39; Barcelona a few days ago and Beckham sent him a message to go to the United States. UU however, is attracted to something else.

A few days ago was speculating in Spain with the possible return of & # 39; Neymar to Barcelona. And although the chances were falling to his return to the peninsula, even in & # 39; Madrid as his name was on target & # 39; "merengue".

For now, a figure & # 39; Paris Saint Germain (PSG), The Brazilian seems interested in & # 39; other alloy when the time comes to leave the French capital.

It said in & # 39; statements to Eurosport: "The all major players must play in the Premier, is a great competition, one of the biggest in the world".

"We do not know yet, but I think all great players, at least once in their life, to be in the Premier League ', He added.

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