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Nine & # 39; simple goals to improve health in 2019 | Diary & # 39; Cuyo


The start & # 39; new year is ideal to implement changes and put end. F & # 39; & # 39 terms, health and quality of life, a good option is to adopt a few new habits, introducing gradual changes easier to maintain.

Considering that, go here some small changes you can try to adopt a few:

1. Move a little more

If you see yourself to be ready to prepare a marathon, continue! But if you think that such a target is too ambitious for you, tinkwisax. Start by rising & # 39; last floor instead of walking b & # 39; lift, or leaving one stop before the metro or the bus to complete your journey on foot.

Physical activity is part of life b & # 39; her health, but need not be activity & # 39; strenuous and, above all, m & # 39; have to start directly from high physical activity if the level & # 39; your previous exercise was zero or almost nothing. Any increase, however small, have a positive effect on your health, therefore sought small goals that are sustainable over time and your health will thank.

2. Learn recipe every month

One way how to improve what we eat is to do ourselves, but we must recognize that not everyone has the knowledge, time or desire to enter the kitchen. Hopefully those people have another fence to enjoy cooking, but uneven distribution of & # 39; domestic work or is not a great solution.

So the purpose of & # 39; & # 39 New Year can; is to learn and practice new recipe every month. Anyone can & # 39; facing that challenge, no matter how much have little culinary skills, and you & # 39; encourages us to cook more. If we also improve our repertoire, we insajru for families and friends and we return the favor to those who usually take care of this job.

3. Try new fruits and vegetables

Can & # 39; be part of the cooking purpose or you & # 39; do it separately. How many green products never tried? Surely more than one, or because of its exotic appearance, because remember it with & # 39; m regret or simply because & # 39; you are very adventurous when it comes to vegetables. Well, it's time to launch. Ask professional greengrocer those products that you never tried and maybe I & # 39; give you advice on how to take advantage of them. Cheer up especially with & # 39; seasonal products.

4. Use a sun day

The sun's rays are necessary for life b & # 39; robust because it enables us to reach levels & # 39; vitamin D we need to b & # 39; health, but in & # 39; overdoses are responsible for much damage to the skin that can lead to a case of & # 39; skin cancer. That is why a good way to take care of yourself is to apply cream with sunscreen every day, and in days to appear cloudy or at times that do not correspond to greater sun exposure, because even in & # 39; those times , the skin can & # 39; suffer sun damage can avoid.

5. Take time every day to relax

Stress is another great enemy of health, food-related disorders, heart problems and mental illness. Our day & # 39; day not always make it easy for us to fight stress, but there are some things we can do to reduce. One of them is devote some time each day to relax, ideally before bedtime. Can & # 39; & # 39 is b, exercises & # 39; breathable, warm shower, exercises like yoga or simply read a book to enjoy. Whether it be, find out how a way can & # 39; slitting & # 39; some time with you.

6. Improvements to the & # 39; sleep habits

By connecting directly to the above, the improvement of habits & # 39; Your sleep can & # 39; an effective way to take care of yourself this new year. Most of us do torqodx as it should, and many, moreover, do not sleep very well. Create routines that help you sleep, as always go to bed at the same time, Take your TV out of your room or do not see the white light screens or doing exercises or large meals just before bedtime. Keep your bedroom quiet and warm without being too hot. hot shower can & # 39; help you relax just before bedtime.

7. Seek alternatives to alcohol

Alcohol is bad for your health, even in moderation. So one way to take care of yourself is to eliminate alcohol consumption until 2019 or, at least, reduce it. So, Search options for those moments that we usually fill alcoholic drink. Tea and teas, sparkling water, coffee, non-alcoholic cocktails are good choices.

8. Stop smoking

Okay, maybe this is not a small change, but rather a large one. But, if you smoke anyway, found that 2019 can & # 39; is the time to leave. Smoking is associated with & # 39; increased risk & # 39; lung disease, heart, of cerebrovascular, skin, metabolic and mental. The tobacco effect is immediate and direct as if a little smoke, but fortunately the beneficial effect is the same stop immediately.

Think also that the benefits to stop smoking not only about your health: they also give themselves over those & # 39; around, who no longer smokes liability on your part, and also on your pocket (smoking is increasingly expensive), on your appearance (skin and teeth also suffer) and most impression on other causes (smell left tobacco is very unpleasant for non-smokers).

9. Reduce the ultra-processed food

In 2019 you reduce your intake of & # 39; ultra-processed foods, what you buy already prepared and which can not distinguish the original ingredients. Many people are concerned about this food b & # 39; & # 39 additives; food, but in fact the main problem is not that, but rather they usually carry large amounts of & # 39; sugar, refined flour, salt or fats & # 39; questionable quality. This contributes to balance our metabolism and contribute to the risk of & # 39; overweight and obesity.

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