Saturday , August 13 2022

Nissan-Renault: x & # 39; can & # 39; edition


The arrest by the authorities of Tokyo Mr Carlos Ghosn, a French citizen, Brazilian and Lebanese, president & # 39; Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors and CEO & # 39; Renault, giving reasons for reflection.

The legal actions were the result of & # 39; branded internal investigation, which found that the person involved was not stated proper income to the Japan Financial authorities for several years and was misusing bill and branded properties. Among other findings, made payments to her older sister for services not provided. Another board member, the American Greg Kelly, was also protected by the measure.

The unveiling of the scandal, recalling the times & # 39; Al Capone, will be the funeral of career & # 39; one of the great leaders of the world automotive sector. However, crimes can be attributed to him, especially prosecutors, are insignificant in light of the ethical debacle is beginning to be known and causing so much redundancy. It is something very specific: the cost of ethics?

Ghosn received payment & # 39; about US $ 10 million in 2016, then decreased to US $ 7 in 2017. This is scandalous in Japan, a country where executives earn less than their counterparts in the US and Europe. For example, Takeshi Uchiyamada, chairman Toyota, won $ 1.7 in 2017.

Both the Japanese government and the common and brand employees reacted to the events. The first condemns the misconduct and excesses. The Minister of Industry stated that it is necessary to correct the concentration of power in the firm and dome to restore governance. And employees expressed anger and their dissatisfaction, b & # 39; in particular in response to the high compensation, but others expressed their support for Ghosn, who they see as a hero who fled to Nissan from imminent collapse .

Afternoon & # 39; Thursday, 22 & # 39; November, the board of directors of & # 39; Nissan rejected both involved. But neither there nor here serve sanctions if what is sought is to re & # 39; bring order. As long as we continue to accept reasons like "what cost results" regardless of the tricks, decisions "bad" justified "because they were the least expensive" or "too big to fall & # 39; ', we will condemn ethics and setting its price: "Everything is legitimate if less expensive".

Reminds Ricardo Carrasquilla: "My compadre Isaac Renjifo / a cap / hiking, and monigote / they asked him and his cachifo. / Then he bought boots, coveralls and hats; / steal can & # 39; any money, / and was called Don Isaac. / He then made an excursion / from France; / prepared by & # 39; ELEMENTA, / and it was Mr. Renjifon. / X & # 39; it is the edition you & # 39; do! "

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