Tuesday , March 21 2023

Offering & # 39; reward the child offers his dog


Child & # 39; 12 years seeking his dog, ran social networks. The child made a poster of particular prize, Which quickly went viral.

This is Tomás, to ask help to find his pet "Dora", Maltese toy & # 39; 10 months, Li lost Wednesday from his home on the street Father Román de Vitacura.

On the poster, child offers 3,000 pesos his savings and bread of Passover to anyone who finds it.

According to Radio Biobio, the mother of a small child said "From the moment rrealizzajna, went immediately to tfittexha. We put it on social networks and we produce signs around the neighborhood"

The mother also indicated that the award was the idea of ​​the child. "Tomás is very sad but he trusts people and they will help him find it", He maintained.

The call is made which has information about the dog, You & # 39; call the phone number shown on the poster or you & # 39; write to the email & # 39; Paula: [email protected]

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