Friday , December 3 2021

Older adults denounce was abused sexually by a woman after the National sorpriżha by stealing home


"She told me" I am a rich man, let's do sex for a little while, it's like making water line. "" That is part of the charge of & # 39; Older adults, who denounced the WFP was sexually abused tisirja for a woman who came to her house.

The event, reported by La Estrella de Valparaíso-, was recorded in & # 39; Palaica Ancha when affected, René Lagos (71), returned from Santiago, having visited his wife is a hospital in the capital since suffering from Alzheimer's.

After his return, according to the history of the informant, met & # 39; to & # 39; couple & # 39; neighbors seized from his home: the man was holding the entrance, while the woman was inside, stealing species. The first of them fled the place quickly, however, the defendant was found inside the home.

"When I look, (the woman) meeting & # 39; it here and Next start my genitals. He told me "old man, I want to talk with you", staqsejtlu because he had me and there was nothing to talk about. She told me, "I am a rich man, let us a little bed for some time, is like making water strip", the man affected told the media & # 39; Buenos Aires.

"It was very Indecent, so changed it and I mentioned to Carabineros, but not received because they were in another procedure, so been to WFP, "he added.

According to the local newspaper, the accused managed to steal equipment and cash, among other species.

Detectives arrived at the home of affected minutes later, while the Prosecutor's Office had already kkuntattjah, so he expects to be cited.

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