Tuesday , June 28 2022

Only one interested in relocating the section of Route 5 North Los vilos – La Serena


There were 19 companies that bought the bases and was expected to at least six offers.

One unexpected was the opening of tenders section of Los VILO La Serena of Ruta 5 Norte: Sacyr only bid submitted for reallocation.

This led to a surprise as 19 companies purchased the bases and was expected to at least six offers. Among them was Abertis, current operator of the concession.

F & # 39; this regard, the director of MOP concessions, Hugo Vera, said that "we thought we would see more interested." Until yesterday, other bidders speculated, however, things are x & # 39; is, this jistiedenna to analyze and track improvements of all project systems and business model ".

He added that "it was public and notorious that there were other interested party about to arrive, but due to internal problems in their corporate governance decided not to participate, people also worked hard to prepare their offer, was one of the incumbent operators, but this is now we have received offer to analyze before making the final decision. "

This is an initiative of & # 39; length & # 39; 245 kilometers, starting in the north & # 39; Los vilos at kilometer 229 of the 5 North, to its intersection with & # 39; Calle Brasil in & # 39; La Serena, 473 kilometers of the same route, linking connection to La Serena-Vallenar section of Route 5.

It is also contemplating range & # 39; 16 km in the urban area, which will expand its streets for three f & # 39; each direction.

Vera said he is watching the development of the final engineering grant the power to expand the number of & # 39; of & # 39 points; collection through free flow in the interurban part.

The decision on whether Sacyr must qualify to take the franchise or not is dated to 26 & # 39; the following December, when determining whether the technical requirements and opened the financial bid.

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