Friday , December 3 2021

Operators leaving everything against Subtel for payment & # 39; mobile access


They called for expertise.

It was to be expected: The operators have adversely government proposal to reduce tariffs for mobile access b & # 39; 84%.

Entel and Movistar, representing more than 60% (La Tercera) market, called expert commission, which has merged with & # 39; WOM, Claro and VTR. At the end of the day is all against the Telecommunications Undersecretary.

What does this mean? A representative of & # 39; each company, an expert in the subject and & # 39; "Recognized prestige", staying with & # 39; experts from Subtel and third (and expert) to comment on the technical aspects and review the proposed tariff by the government.

From Entel, Manager of Regulation and Corporate Affairs & # 39; Entel, Manuel Araya, said:

The proposed network does not comply with current and future demand in mobile telephony, which prevents service to all customers is adequate. While the dominant technology in the country today is 4G, in Chile there are more than 10 million people use 3G to communicate and Subtel proposal does not consider this technology.

This is because the Subtel proposal does not include the 3G network. On the other hand, Pamela Kid, Telecommunications Secretary, said:

Operators sell unlimited plans, so m & # 39; there is no technical or economic justification for at least a minute & # 39; voice costs over WhatsApp or email. This is why, as Subtel, we believe that our proposal for & # 39; access charges must comply with & # 39; international standards, where the voice is already considered as information.

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