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Parents discover that a daughter has cancer thanks to photo


The father of the girl took a picture of him where he can & # 39; to see your child completely asleep on swing

Dave Fletcher, 39, thought it was collecting beautiful moment took a picture & # 39; daughter asleep in Izzy & # 39; park when she was 23 months.

But just a few weeks later, Dave and his wife Vicky, 37, discovered that fatigue & # 39; daughter turned a sign & # 39; I had leukemia.

The girl, three years, since then, has undergone a dose of 570 & # 39; chemotherapy and are receiving therapy & # 39; maintenance to try to stop the cancer from returning.

Dave said he did not think anything when they first saw Izzy sleep in & # 39; park near her home in & # 39; Claines, Worcestershire, England.

Now he advise other parents to be alert to the first signs.

Dave said that afternoon he left the girl on one of the swings, took the picture but soon after the girl fell because it was very sleepy.

"But I do not think too much about that. I thought it was a beautiful moment and I just took a picture of it. It was only after he realized that everything was part of the symptoms and what I caught was that she showed signs of & # 39; something dangerous"

Photo from Facebook

The parents then took care that the girl had frequent colds, viruses and that it showed fatigue even if it did not much activities. They also discovered bruises on the girl legs but attribwitha to normal play.

The couple took Izzy to a doctor for the first time in & # 39; January last year after a strange rash appeared on his toes.

The next morning, The rash of & # 39; Izzy infirx and then developed fever, so her parents was taken at the Royal Hospital in Worcester.

He was diagnosed with leukemia on the same day and began treating & # 39; chemotherapy the week & # 39; after.

Photo & # 39; SWNS

"When it was diagnosed, emerged from nowhere. We were both in & # 39; a real shock, because it happened so quickly was a moment & # 39; scary", said father.

Jane Redman, a spokesman for Cancer Research UK Kids & Young in & # 39; Workers, said: "Cancer can & # 39; have a devastating impact on their lives and many of those who survive can live with & # 39; side effects serious long-term their treatment ".

Izzy continued treatment.

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