Wednesday , December 8 2021

Photo iPhone X does not exceed the photo Pokophone


If you followed on networks & # 39; Marques Brownlee (and your YouTube channel MKBHD), is seen as made a curious competition for the blind to see what is the best camera a & # 39; smartphone market.

Thus, we end users, when compared one by one, we decided. And the results could not be more curious.

Marques Brownlee has been publishing the pictures on Twitter and Instagram and b & # 39; split votes, The smartphones have been advancing in phase & # 39; qualification. Of course, the anonymity of the smartphone always maintained and we voted for a letter.

The smartphones were:

  • palm
  • mate 20
  • Razer 2
  • 6T OnePlus
  • LG V40
  • pixel 2
  • pixel 3
  • Blackberry Key 2
  • Huawei P20 Pro
  • moto Z2
  • Galaxy Note 9
  • HTC and 12 Plus
  • hydrogen
  • Pocophone
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS

The first rounds were the most awkward & # 39; everyone. The first round in which XS jegħlebx iPhone with the BlackBerry and iPhone X outweighs the Pocophone. Also surprisingly, mobiles Google Pixel. The Pixel 2, still considered one of the best cameras, with jegħlebx LG and Pixel 3 outweighs the P20 Pro.

But the surprise continues & # 39; ongoing and the finalists are, nothing more and nothing less, than 20-Mate Pro (winner) and Pocophone. Some mobiles never ran for their cameras. Much less if the iPhone and Pixel are in the same competition.

These blind tests, though interesting, are not insignificant. There is much more value than just a camera and a comparative photo with photo. Each camera also has its strengths. Like the iPhone XS way photo and Pixel 3 the night mode.

Even so, Marques gives much simpler explanation for the results: The winning photo is stronger almost continuously since, after deduction quality compression of & # 39; Twitter and Instagram, in the end is still to be assessed.

For example, The Marques jacket with original photo of the iPhone looks in detail and natural color. But what lost in compression and photograph b & # 39; less detail but very exposed and saturated with BlackBerry is the one chosen by the majority.

therefore, wins the saturation of colors and brightness, And lose detail and natural character. Although these are parameters that we nikkonfiguraw later on our iPhone, if what we want is saturated and bright picture.

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