Saturday , December 4 2021

Pikachu is real! They find yellow yolk they claim is equal to the famous Pokemon


For all those who looked for work & # 39; be the famous Pokemon, Pikachu, In real life, you & # 39; out of doubt.

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Close – city & # 39; Melbourne (Australia) found a Bare yellow, Which was named Pikachu to his great similarity with the animated character.

This strange and striking color is due to a genetic mutation, because the coat & # 39; this animal usually varies between red and dark tones.

The small animal is under the care of & # 39; experts in veterinary clinic Veterinary Clinic & # 39; Boronia and Animal Hospital declared through their Facebook account has Pikachu five months of life and most likely is dropped behind a & # 39; mother.

"We recently had a very special bushy brought into the clinic. It is a rare variety of gold & # 39; common opossum. The golden color is due to a mutation that causes low & # 39; pigment melanin that gives their normal color. they are & # 39; rarity because of their bright color makes them look special to us, "they said.

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The animal was found alone and in a state of & # 39; malnutrition very advanced, so It will be in & # 39; hands carers until recovering.

Once stabilized, Pikachu will be transferred to a shelter & # 39; wildlife so it can & # 39; live long and happy life, because, f & # 39; event to return to his natural environment, the sample easy prey for predators because the striking color of his coat.

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