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premature menopause: I thought pregnant

Nicole Evans was diagnosed with premature menopause at the age of & # 39; 30 years. Evans writes for the BBC's 100 Women on the impact of & # 39; infertility diagnosis and how assimilated.

For a few years, my periods were less abundant, but when I mentioned to health personnel & # 39; New Zealand, my country, they attribwitha natural effect of the pill. When not running my month period, went to the doctor because I thought excited to be pregnant. I had married a year before and we had just started talking about having a baby.

but The pregnancy test was negative. My doctor did a blood test and cited me for another visit to explain the levels of & # 39; My hormones were normal. Referral to a specialist & # 39; hormones and I was diagnosed with premature menopause. I did not know that the ovaries may stop working in & # 39; this age, it was an incredible shock.

The feminiżmu tells us today that can & # 39; getting everything and we like everything, the conditions and our rhythms. But the cost we pay for this problem when circumstances interfere in the way we had planned is very high.

I think that famous people have a lot of work & # 39; & # 39 do in; terms & # 39; awareness of fertility. When deduce b & # 39; wrong that the fertility of the woman is, directly or indirectly, anything that exists easily until after the age of & # 39; 50, it is easy to ignore the signals that can & # 39; there are problems. I did not idea, b & # 39; generally, fertility starts to decline with a woman 30 years.

We decided to do a cycle of & # 39; vitro fertilization with & # 39; egg donor, a wonderful friend. We felt very optimistic and we are supposed to be the answer to all our problems. However, we ended up with & # 39; one viable embryo for transfer and ended in pregnancy. It was very sad for all of us involved.

A year later, another friend offered to help us, but this time I had many doubts. It was the last cycle funded by the government, and psychologically felt safer during treatment. When in the middle & # 39; treatment & # 39; fertility, can & # 39; be very difficult to even walk out the door every morning.

But decided to rely on the second round because he had 32 years. It's time.

S & # 39; it is the menopause?

  • The menopause is a biological stage in life & # 39; to start wife cease to have menstrual periods
  • The periods may be less frequent for months or years before menopause
  • Other symptoms are hot flashes, lack of & # 39; concentration, pain & # 39; headache, anxiety, reduced sexual desire and difficulty sleeping
  • The menopause usually occurs between 45 and 55 years
  • About one in 100 women under the age of 40 have premature menopause, also known as premature ovarian failure

Source: NHS UK

Unfortunately, both plants & # 39; & # 39 embryos; that cycle or become pregnant, and we did not have the financial or emotional resources to invest in the third round.

I did not consider adoption. Having undergone physical treatment, have to start another intervention (on our relationship, work, the family life, finances) as part of & # 39; exhaustion process. Of course, understood why it was necessary, but turning a blind eye to I & # 39; nlaħħaq it after they've already experienced trauma.

I hit the bottom. Emotional Angelfa on losses & # 39; our potential children I followed ahí, Although we try to rationally negħlbuha. And this annoyance felt by a given night. I was not & # 39; friend and her newborn, and after leaving I felt a desire to have a child had disappeared. Simply, had ended.

I did not nispjegaha b & # 39; another way: I believe that God neħħejni heart deep relief. And, if I look back, now I know it because I had something better planned for me: a closer relationship with him.

It seems that a large number of & # 39; doctors are not aware of premature menopause. Speaking to & # 39; many women in the group & # 39; support that I get bored, when informing the doctor that their periods become irregular, refer them to specialists or after delay.

I & # 39; m in & # 39 of therapy, hormonal replacement since been diagnosed. Thank you very much for this treatment, because even in the 40s, currently, it is very difficult to talk about the hot flashes, bad mood and the mental fog that brings menopause. Feeling much embarrassment when it comes to talking.

That does not have to buy monthly sanitary products is & # 39; advantage. But it took me a while to acknowledge positive aspects like this.

I believe Western culture, resistant to aging and difficulties, prevent and cope with natural life processes. We specialize in many & # 39; to hinder ourselves from difficult realities, going by ourselves & # 39; & # 39 order, comfort, we have a very limited idea of ​​& # 39; what makes a truly fulfilling life.

The premature menopause have caused much pain, but also revealed deception that true satisfaction is found in health, youth and perfection. Our journey through infertility crisis and had been rebuild our world from scratch, but it certainly strengthened both individually and as a couple.

Għallemna many lessons: that our true identity from beyond our circumstances; to think about the blessings we have; to have more compassion for others; and to approach life with & # 39; open mind, among other things. We can & # 39; you do not have everything, but we have everything we need.

This note is part of the # 100Women season, winning & # 39; numerous international awards, where the BBC devotes each year, from 2013, a large space for women, and draw up a list & # 39; 100 women from around the world highlighted their achievements, struggles and extraordinary experiences.

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