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Producer & # 39; Bohemian Rhapsody "Nobody has committed to play the Mercury until Rami Malek"

Along with the clarification of the participation of & # 39; Sacha Baron Cohen, Graham King also took the opportunity to review the situation & # 39; Bryan Singer, the film's director until his dismissal in & # 39; November 2017.

Launched in the last quarter of 2018, Bohemian Rhapsody, The film about Freddie Mercury and his band Queen, enjoyed success in theaters the film, to the point that won two Golden Globes earlier this month.

With the film already installed, start the analysis and conversations team who worked on the project. This is how the producer Graham King took breakfast of nominees for the Producers Guild Awards to review two situations: participation & # 39; Sacha Baron Cohen and the event & # 39; Bryan Singer, the film director until expelled. November 2017.

"There were many speeches about different people who played Freddie Mercury and nobody signed it, nobody promised to play Mercury until Rami Malek," said King b & # 39; reference to Baron Cohen, an actor who was bound for a long time on who was incorporate vocalist Queen in bijopika.

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On the other hand, on the departure of & # 39; Singer said "was an unfortunate situation. 17 days only left to the end and Bryan Singer had some problems. His mother was very sick and he kind & # 39; a person needs to be focused 100%. "King added that the director wanted to stop the production and set his personal problems, but the study was looking to finish the film. "Undoubtedly, my job is to protect other film at any cost," he said.

Finally, the figure is estolla & # 39; Malek, and said that in the last stage of & # 39; Bohemian Rhapsody "We were like a family. Rami was driving that train every morning."

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