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Racism? The controversial jokes about Maluco in the Year of the New CHV that has encouraged networks


For the celebration of the new year, the number of television households organized programs to expect 2019 Ċiliviżjoni took advantage of the space program The Night is Ours to convene & # 39; big feast.

As Jean-Philippe CRETTON, Felipe Vidal and Pamela Díaz were accompanied by several figures, like Iván Arenas, Don Carter, La Botota, Alejandro Arriagada, Luli, Maluco, Willy Sabor, Tommy Rey & # 39; s Sonora, among many others.

Those were also the athletes of & # 39; laughter, who have uncomfortable moment.

When he was still only 7 minutes by 12 & # 39; midnight on 31 & # 39; December, Jean-Philippe began a speech addressed to the Chilean, which devoted words to native peoples and immigrants.

It was f & # 39; this moment where things went wrong, because "Pato" a & # 39; athletes took Maluco and made a gesture as if taken out of the studio, while saying "I want to thank the immigrants."

While there was some laughter, CRETTON immediately said "always with love " and I endorse the Brazilian, who took the opportunity to talk about migration in Chile.

Capture the CHV

"I want to thank citizens – to Chile – good vibes at all – migrants, and. T that form of humanitarian aid made for each of them. Greetings to Haitians, and received all countries, "said Maluco.

But in the middle of his honest words, "Duck" interrupted again & # 39; Other remove the microphone to make fun slow to speak.

The – moment was captured by – account – Televisivamente Twitter, which does not hesitate in – 2006. T share this moment asked through social networks.

Here you can & # 39; see part of the episode and draw your conclusions.

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