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Radio Havana Cuba | Cuba: effective prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS


illustrative picture. Photo / Archive

illustrative picture. Photo / Archive

By María Josefina Arce

As the world knew about AIDS, Syndrome & # 39; Immunodeficiency acquired in the 80s of the last century, progress has been made in controlling the disease, but much remains to be done to avoid contagion , to meet people who do not know they are infected and guarantee access to health services and medicines.

According to statistics in recent years the number of & # 39; reduce deaths due to AIDS, a disease that since its identification in 1981 so far caused over 35 million deaths worldwide.

New infections continue to be & # 39; concern for international organizations and health organizations. Cuba, blocked a small country, but with great achievements in medicine, has made substantial progress in the fight against this evil.

In 2015, became the first nation in the world which has received official recognition from the WHO, the World Health Organization, as a country which eliminated the other child transmission of HIV and syphilis as problems of public health.

And it's the Greater Antilles was one of the first nations & # 39; Latin America and the Caribbean to apply specific program & # 39; prevention and treatment, which already has more than three decades & # 39; creating and guaranteeing no cost antiretroviral treatment all people infected with the virus.

This program carries out work & # 39; prevention, diagnosis and effective treatment, which has been expanded and updated in accordance with the recommendations of WHO and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS.

The Cuban strategy to respond to this disease has a comprehensive approach to the subject pillar and biotechnology capacity installed in the country, which allowed research and development & # 39; generic drugs.

It is also based on a broad program & # 39; of & # 39; sexuality education covering all population groups; application & # 39; test & # 39 b; anything to anyone who requests it, as well as extensive and varied service & # 39; counseling, advice and support for patients.

Of & # 39; emphasized the active intervention of civil society in & # 39; & # 39 actions; prevention and HIV in the design, implementation and evaluation of & # 39; these programs.

The Cuban Experience has shown that the government will, together with & # 39; an integrated and participatory approach, can & # 39; have a positive impact on HIV prevention, as well as provide a decent life for people infected.

The Cuban health system to meet the needs of the population and is approved by the community doctor and nurse, a broad network & # 39; of & # 39; clinics and other specialized centers and institutes & # 39; prestigious research.

All this made it possible that the prevalence of & # 39; infection & # 39; HIV in the Caribbean nation has always been the lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean and is also among the lowest in the world.

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