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Radio Havana Cuba | Turkey: develop nanotechnology for early diagnosis of cancer


Turkey: develop nanotechnology for early diagnosis of cancer

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ISTANBUL, December 12 (RHC) Two students from the Technical University & # 39; Istanbul (ITU) developed a microchip that can & # 39; helps to detect a cancer early, reported the newspaper Sabah.

After two years & # 39; research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering ITU Mehmet Tugrul, 24, and Berke four, 23, managed to design a nanodevice that will function as a glucose meter, to determine whether a person has cancer cells or not in the blood

The project, which was emphasized by the Council of Scientific and Technological Research of Turkey (TUBITAK), enables device users perform self-diagnosis and tests can be performed in the laboratory environment.

He explained that there are already research on this topic worldwide, with a view to f & # 39; five or ten years there cancerous meters & # 39; early diagnosis sold in pharmacies, enabling adoption a & # 39; cancer precautions. (Source / PL)

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