Friday , August 12 2022

Really ?! LG has just opted by phone & # 39; 16 camera


Because six insufficient …

This week, particularly in the 20 & # 39; November, LG Electronics won a patent from the USPTO (Patent Office and the US Trademark) for curious terminal: phone b & # 39; 16 camera.

Before 2016, when the explosion blew dual cameras, LG had done its thing. At the beginning of 2011 are presented LG Optimus 3D, precisely b & # 39; to increase dual camera 3D effect for photos.

Although the Optimus 3D was not successful, years later, with the G5 LG, the Korean manufacturer to & # 39; Lower definitely came into the market for multiple cameras. This was the time and the competition for which the team gives the best picture is crucial for many users when it comes to changing their equipment (in fact, Samsung is working on a team with & # 39; seven).

And well, now LG Electronics has patented smartphone b & # 39; at least sixteen camera lens! Is it possible? Apparently, because the documents mention already thinking about possible scenarios photo.

For example, according to the leaked Letsgodigital portal, a user can & # 39; select specific lens to take a photo or shoot b & # 39; multiple lens at the same time, to select the best photo & # 39; series. It is also possible to combine photos taken at the same time through the & # 39; & # 39 different lenses in, moving behavior.

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