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Really more RAM on your mobile phone make it faster? | Technology and science | mobile phones


Recently, the Chinese manufacturer & # 39; mobile phones OnePlus announced a new model with & # 39; no less than 10 GB & # 39; RAM, the OnePlus McLarent, number did not appear previously in the competitive mobile phone market. If we compare this figure with & # 39 ;, for example, the 3GB and 4GB the new iPhone device, this jeċċedihom b & # 39; big advantage. But a larger amount of & # 39; RAM necessarily translate into & # 39; increased speed?

Before giving an answer, let's first explain what RAM is and why it is so important in mobile phones.

Multitasking — —

The RAM (Random Access Memory, for his figures in English) is a kind of & # 39; very fast storage, Much more than the main storage of the phone (internal memory), which is where our applications, photos, videos and live music. RAM speed as it helps work & # 39; the device and feel faster, but how does it work?

We can think of & # 39; RAM as main storage pocket phone as a backpack. Definitely, it is easier to get something first.

When reverse the computer and open the application for the first time, the operating system and application data to be extracted from the internal memory and a large part of these are stored in & # 39; RAM. So, when we stop using the application, the cell phone keeps all the information & # 39; what we are doing in the background; B & # 39; this way, it will not be lost, even if other application nersaq.

The change between applications and return to the place where inħalluh often called multitasking. If you say the phone perform many tasks in & # 39; blow, because it makes good use of RAM.

If cell phone did not RAM, whenever the application have changed, they were closed and we will lose all the information. Well, as if it were opened for the first time, so there is a lot more time to be ready.

— The RAM provides speed, but not so simple —

All that said, it is clear that more RAM means that phones can store more data and applications operating system. However, let's look at the 4 GB of RAM "scarce" the XS iPhone and qabbelha with 10 GB of RAM OnePlus 6T McLaren, the first sight to & # 39; eye think that Apple signature device is much lower, but in reality is not like that.

The reason is that Apple uses relatively low RAM & # 39; 4GB on their iPhones because optimizing its operating system iOS, components and how to deal with the application data to work very well with & # 39; only 4 GB of & # 39; RAM. The same goes for Google and its own phones Pixel 3 – working with genuine operating system – "only" have 4GB & # 39; RAM compared to & # 39; other devices with Android & # 39; 6GB or more.

B & # 39; contrast, with & # 39; Android devices are not manufactured by Google, you & # 39; saying that optimization is generally less efficient. There are so many Android devices available with different specifications and versions optimization is never nearly as good as she does & # 39; Google and Apple, with the iPhone and their Pixel respectively. Therefore, many Android devices will have 6GB or more & # 39; RAM but will work like an iPhone or 4GB Pixel.

Finally, it should be said that when you buy a cell phone, there are several factors involved, not just speed. The overall experience that players can & # 39; offers (speed, storage capacity, camera, etc.) is much more than just one attribute.

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