Sunday , June 26 2022

Rector U. of Chile against Mineduc: Betting criticized, budgets and lack of & # 39; Cubillos the National meeting


Series & # 39; questions raised by the Consortium & # 39; Universities of & # 39; State (Cuech) after meeting & # 39; Its monthly, held in & # 39; Rancagua, respect way in which the Ministry of & # 39; Education implemented the policy & # 39; gratuity.

On the occasion, the president of Cuech and rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi, asked consequence to government authorities and ensure that facilities are being provided to measure work, Connects institutions and argues that it is a bad idea.

F & # 39; that – line, the – academic condemned – modifications to the design of the original budget for state universities because, in their view, now these schools were & # 39; economic damage, benefiting private entities.

"The budget actually what he did was remove 10 billion from state universities add 33 billion to private universities"Vivaldi fired, according to a statement issued by the same organization.

"This is what was done. After working in Parliament managed nreġġa & # 39; back removal & # 39; 10 billion to state universities. And again & # 39; other, this is an issue we would discuss with the Government, "he said.

Equally critical was manifested due to failure & # 39; Portfolio authorities Cuech in the session, despite being invited by the Minister, Marcela Cubillos.

Vivaldi added that today it was clear to go to the Council of Coordination of State Universities, as provided for by law, but had to be postponed in the absence of representatives of the Ministry & # 39; Education.

The president Cuech decided that the Council & # 39; Coordination will change the accessibility students have at the schools, since it will enable joint work with all universities, and improve the quality training they receive.

"We have an expectation (that) here we will make the announcement of the formation of the council. Obviously this does not happen but we expect to happen soon, But I think it is very good news for people Ċiljani. And it is very good for state universities to be able to cater to these young people in & # 39; much better conditions. I think it will be a big step & # 39; forward for state universities, "said Vivaldi, according to the letter.

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