Monday , November 29 2021

Red Dead Online Detail first adjustment of its beta and giving away ingots and $ RDO those who had it


It seems lie, but it was a week after Red Dead Redemption 2 began to expand with a beta of its online proposal. And it gives many adventures on the part of players, many lessons learned before its final release and to extra detail to the pioneers of & # 39; this West.

As promised, the first batch of & # 39; adjustments include changes in the game economy, but the overall goal remains & # 39; the same: offer open world as entertaining as balanced. And this assumes that the activities will be paid better, the game is not so and now the weapons will now cost less.

In fact, these are the solutions proposed and implemented by Rockstar for Red Dead Online:

  • The payments in cash and gold rose f & # 39; various activities, such as missions and events with & # 39; no, repetitions & # 39; ground missions & # 39; opportunities, serial ways & # 39; confrontation, etc.
  • The price of most arms cut in the catalog & # 39; Wheeler, Rawson & Co. and armories. Players who have bought at the price of arms & # 39; before automatically receive the difference starting today. The next time you sign Red Dead Online beta, looking message & # 39; alert to be & # 39; warning for this change. Refunds can be made until December 10.
  • been adjusted the values ​​of & # 39; several fish skins, In addition to rescue horses and brochures.

Naturally, Rockstar remember that these measures were undertaken by the comments of the participants, but also b & # 39; taking into account the direct comments received since the launch, but recognizes that the experience is not yet perfect.

We take this opportunity & # 39; to thank the community & # 39; Red Dead for games and send us many helpful comments during the first week of its launch. Your support is crucial to shape the game in the future.

Currently we are working to solve many persistent errors that cause some players expelled from their sessions, and our intention is to put it next week.

Last but not least, all those who had the beta & # 39; Red Dead Online to 7 & # 39; December 9: 00 (Spanish time) will receive a generous gift: RDO 250 and $ 15 gold bullion. These gifts start arriving between now and Friday, 14 & # 39; December.


Had save a specific weapon? We have good news

Two requests the sea & # 39; interesting to put to the test Red Dead Online on the eve of what can & # 39; be a great night for Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the undisputed favorites to be targeted as of the Year in the game, the Games Awards and the online experience can & # 39; decide the outcome.

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