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Red Dead Redemption 2 He came to consoles last generation some time ago and was hardly correct errors & # 39; its launch. Payment & # 39; before the concession was launched on 18 & # 39; May, 2010. 8 years later, Rockstar Games decided to give a gift to gamers worldwide with & # 39; & # 39 game, the last generation, b & # 39; impressive open world and thousands of & # 39; kontimna new mechanisms before we even imagine.

His story takes place in 1899, years before what happened in the first installment, where the Wild West keeps the forces of law at & # 39; most recent fighting illegal bans bands. This time the protagonist is Arthur Morgan, Which will be forced to choose between his ideals and his loyalty with hand raised.

The game has a score of & # 39; 97 on page 100 on Metakritiku , Nearly perfect score for the next-generation videogame. However, Rockstar would not be satisfied by creating & # 39; incredible western world, but he also promised online multiplayer mode that has now been disclosed.

Learn all the details & # 39; Red Dead Online, the new online mode & # 39; "Engine" of Rockstar Games to be available soon:

How to play Red Dead Online?

The multiplayer of & # 39; Red Dead Redemption 2 is not fully implemented. Currently, Red Dead Online Beta is available for some players, according to the edition purchased from the game. All you have to do is check what day it is activated for your version and you & # 39; update the game to find the online mode:

  • Those who have Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition can access from 27 & # 39; in November.
  • Those who started playing at 26 & # 39; in October, may have access to this beta from 28 & # 39; November, according to Rockstar.
  • Those who started playing between 26 and 29 & # 39; in October, will have access from Thursday, 29 & # 39; November.
  • Finally, all those Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to enter the online mode from Friday 30 & # 39; in November.

Rockstar Games split these schedules to keep the servers in the face without overloading the beginning. The company expects users to report any non & # 39; service or failure in the game to correct it before the final release.

S & # 39; will happen when Red Dead Online?

The world & # 39; Red Dead Online will widen & # 39; continuously as players connect to the server Rockstar Games. During this first period & # 39; proof, users can join with friends to make camp, perform cooperative missions, fight against other foreign or assist them in their missions and much more.

While this happens, the characters accumulate experience between explorations and meetings will be added to the degree of the player, so it can & # 39; opening of the games items and increase its attributes as follow.

By virtue of creating a system of characters, each different from the others and their characteristics can be modified by the user game mode. Each one must have "Skills Card" and knowing special character says history & # 39; revenge, honor and truth.

Finally, the achievements will be shared 12 categories fighting game, shooter & # 39; first rate and survival. In addition, there will be honored system that qualifies the player based on the decisions taken in & # 39; & # 39 missions in; meetings. This metric differs from decisions involving life & # 39; other people to take care of your horse.

Missions and modes in Red Dead Online

The new multiplayer mode & # 39; Red Dead Redemption 2 Is not complete without numerous missions can & # 39; taċċessha alone or with a group & # 39; your friends. There are five new ways that are available from their launch to be able to explore the open world in the best possible way:

  • & Team Shootout Shootout:
    The classic mode & # 39; & # 39 duel; all against all teams or teams. Win to more deaths made before the start time.
  • Count do so:
    This is the Battle Royale. With just a bow and arrows, the territory will become smaller while the fight continues. One just can & # 39; count
  • Most Wanted:
    The higher you at the top, the more others will receive points if you eliminate. Win that has the most points at the end.
  • Hostile Territory:
    Working at & # 39; teams is vital here to control territories and earns & # 39; more points than rivals.
  • Name your arms:
    Way to reward the specialty of the shooter with & # 39; specific weapon. The more difficulty you have, get more points for withdrawal. Can & # 39; & # 39 played in, teams or all against all.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale

As already mentioned, Make it Count is the name of the game Battle Royale mode within Red Dead Online. The only weapon available to the bow and arrows to be used with & # 39; focus while the territory becomes smaller and smaller. Only one person should remain & # 39; & # 39 in life; each meeting.

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