Tuesday , March 28 2023

REDUCTION & # 39; THE COSTS IN MOBILE telephone: WORKING AND BE Beneficiaries


considerable reduction in – rates mobile users can & # 39; mean the proposal submitted by the government, called Report & # 39; Objections and Contradictions, To assess reduction & # 39; up to 80% in payments & # 39; access.

This project, envisaged between the years 2019 and 2024, "That means the cost paid by telecom company for certain calls will be lower and we expect that companies translate this low cost lower cost to the end user", He assured Pamela Gidi, Telecommunications Undersecretary, a radio cooperative.

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But who will be the biggest beneficiary of & # 39; this proposal? According to information provided by Kid, will be the institution mobile prepaid users and making calls from fixed devices for cell phones.

First, corresponding to 60% of – 23 million a & # 39; the mobile phone users, can stop talking 40 to 60 minutes per month maintain the same rate.

For it & # 39; the latter, meanwhile, is estimated to unit price per minute Can & # 39; to be more economical.

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