Saturday , December 4 2021

Return & # 39; Gerardo Varela: Bachelet wanted to install ensured that education "Spartan"


Gerardo Varela, former Minister of Education, again & # 39; returned to public display by participating in & # 39; forum on education and the freedom of the Foundation for Progress (FPP), Where his predecessor Andriana Delpiano also participated.

In his presentation, Varela said the Government & # 39; Michelle Bachelet wanted to establish education "Spartan", which "was provided exclusively by the State and was equal, because all families were deprived of their children within seven & # 39; years and educated for war. "

"The question is whether that structure of society is desirable, based on what one aspires as an admirer & # 39; free society", said the statements collected by Radio Cooperativa.

But Gerardo Varela went & # 39; forward and asked to f & # 39; universities free society are not allowed to offer careers m & # 39; unemployed for their graduates, as happened with Kriminaliżmu, which was closed in 2007.

"X & # 39; happens if someone offered course & # 39; astronawtika? We know that Chile will not send anyone to the Moon, but We have the right to prevent anyone from studying it, they will not be able to work? Or on the other hand, requires both poets society? Because we know that poets m & # 39; have no economic field. The society can & # 39; restrict educational projects based on the probability of obtaining a job? "Argued.

For its part, the former Minister Adriana Delpiano referred to the school admission system, declaring Sebastián Piñera welcomed the changes made by Bachelet, although Marcela Cubillos now trying to claw & # 39; back -miżura.

"He told me:" Adriana, m & # 39; you have nothing to explain to me, I know the perfect system, because I had my children in & # 39; Boron, and asked what my campaign to do that propaganda (the -tombla), because he ridicules of & # 39; a process that gives opportunities to people who were not even considered as a possibility, "he confirmed.

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