Wednesday , May 25 2022

Ricky Martin reveals that he "multidimensional father 'b & # 39; sweet image with his daughter Lucia


The singer Ricky Martin He won the love of his fans over the years, either through his music and his sincere personality.

And in & # 39; this occasion, by the account of his Instagram, he managed to relieve thousands of fans by publishing an image which teaches how to prepare for Golden Globes 2019, Without neglecting his newborn daughter Lucia.

Recall that Puerto Ricans singer announced during the celebration of the New Year the third birth of his daughter, Lucia, who will also have the name of & # 39; Jwan Yosef, the man & # 39; the artist.

On account of its Instagram is divided photo taken while her husband was preparing for the gala, caring birth Lucia.

"Multitasking Preparing for Golden Globes 2019"He wrote at the bottom of & # 39; the picture that won the love of his fans and managed to collect nearly 800 thousand "likes".

Look here's the picture:

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