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River vs. Libertadores final Boca: how lived the unusual suspension superfina inside the Monumental


Most people do not want recently vs. River Mouth: tension too. And that's why, during the noon, the Landmark stands were mainly for hospital space than a sporting event, writes our correspondent Daniel Pardo.

It was known that the fun had nothing.

Many, including the president, Mauricio Macrì, did not want to play finals of the Libertadores among historic rivals and the biggest teams in America, River Plate and Boca Juniors.

He plays too; tension is ill.

Some, in fact, had to go to the doctor, or take pills to sleep or relax.

This game – which was also suspended in its first round due to rain and then, when it was possible to play, was & # 39; 2-2 – not part, but martyrdom.

And for that reason during the evening & # 39; this Saturday, the stands of Monumental seen more rooms & # 39; waiting & # 39; hospital to the place & # 39; historic sporting event.

The moment was not the core goal, play, gambetaIt was the silence & # 39; 60,000 persons, who took the stadium when it became clear that, at least Saturday, the superficial call could not be played.

What happened

It is impossible to go into the details of & # 39; incidents which led to the suspension without asking about the feasibility of & # 39; the theories discussed in the press box.

They are events & # 39; & # 39 trade; influence, political interests, corruption in & # 39; a country that is experiencing economic crisis and facing a complicated week: Aerolineas Argentinas quit on Monday, protesting almost daily and the organization & # 39; anything less than the G20 summit on Friday the presence of the most important leaders of the world.

Fans b & # 39; security.Saturday, in the end, there was no football.

When someone saw a tweet that reported the release of & # 39; pepper gas The Boca players, several journalists, the oldest, undoubtedly predicted suspension

Then it was recognized that it was the police who launched the gas to separate the fans threw stones in the bus & # 39; Boca Juniors Stadium when it was going to River.

Phones collapse in the stadium and install online journalists misbehave. There are televisions showing sports transmission channel has transmission rights. But the information that prevails is the voice for voice, what they call "whisper"

Later we found out that there was a hospital in Boca players, offersbetween authorities and teams to play or not. The game was announced at 6: 00 p.m., then at 7: 15 p.m. And the suspension, on the other hand, has never been disclosed by loudspeakers.

Violence on the streets & # 39; Buenos Aires.The game has generated great tension.

It is believed that Boca does not want playing without injured his figures. River seconded its request to stay. Some insisted on playing to avoid a "World scandal", But prevalent prevention. And there was a scandal.

Revenues in the stadium was complicated, even for the press. And as the night goes & # 39; before starting to know the videos & # 39; how the Boca bus, whose route took b & # 39; unusual way to "red zone", was attacked by an apparent fans. You & # 39; also see how security & # 39; event, b & # 39; in general, was insecure or insufficient.

Violence on the streets & # 39; Buenos Aires.Security was "precarious or insufficient", wrote the correspondent & # 39; Argentina.

Now River presidency saying that the attacks were "revenge"The bold bar because a few days ago the police confiscated 300 ticket and 7 million pesos (US $ 200,000) for selling illegal again.

Actually nobody knows x & # 39; happened. Perhaps never know. It will be much spoken. The truth is that is on high expectations -The risks, complications generated by this party is a political challenge, political and economic.

And now?

Although CONMEBOL announced the game for Sunday at 5: 00 pm local time, remaining & # 39; skepticism. The stadium and teams can be suspended. The game can & # 39; played without an audience. Nobody knows, everyone has their theory, this just talking about it.

The swollen visitors are banned in the Argentine stages, but the violence Not common.

In the last 18 years, 140 died lamp, 40% of which came from clashes between people of the same team.

The master & # 39; Boca.The master & # 39; Boca suffered.

In issuing the court there was fighting, fighting and theft. People were left anxious, afraid, hopeless. In silence

Many told me to make sure we do not sleep Saturday night. "If you think in three weeks, another night with nothing happening," one of them told me.

The investment to make big, because it can & # 39; is the greatest joy & # 39; lives. But the process is enjoyable It m & # 39; has nothing.

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