Monday , May 23 2022

Rivero left the Atlas and became official at his new club


The former Colo Colo player will play in & # 39; Nacional de Montevideo, the team will play the Copa Libertadores.

Six months only lasted adventure & # 39; Octavio Rivero in Mexico. The left front colo colo in mid-2018 and signed Atlas of Guadalajara.

After irregular step the "foxes", where he did net during the nine goals and had only & # 39; matches, Uruguay will return to the country.

The attacker was formalized f'Newali, launched that will challenge the KA Libertadores Cup. The shirt "Bag" will be the seventh & # 39; in career & # 39; Rivero. Besides Albo and Aztec votes, he played well in & # 39; Central Espanol, Rentistas, O & # 39; Higgins and Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS).

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