Saturday , July 24 2021

Robles ending friends

F & # 39; March 2017, Arturo Salah, then president of the ANFP, met & # 39; with his board to analyze the continuity of & # 39; Héctor Robles. The most sensible, after the previous post at the end of the South American of Ecuador, was to emerge that did not increase technical victories. So, at least, they made him feel part of the directors. Salah, true to his style, called to give him another chance to take advantage of the experience already gained, facing 2019 of America t & # 39; South to deliver permits for the World Cup in -Polonja

The truth is that Robles disappointed again. The legacy of Salah generates a problem again. On Saturday, against Venezuela, La Rojita drop & # 39; at 1-2 and kkumplika its classification for the next phase of the America & # 39; South.
Today, the discreet game team spent all kinds & # 39; credit. Robles is outside the National Team. Only the ranking of Poland to keep, even though its permanence is assessed in the same way. "Any analysis made after the tournament," says Sebastián Moreno, president of the ANFP.

In Quil were tired from DT attitude. Even after all the effort made to bring the America & # 39; South to Chile, think about any of the World Cup qualification. They feel that Robles left the facilities from it: the U20 participated in & # 39; & # 39 different house, runs in Paraguay, Japan and Argentina. "It is one of Sub-20 traveled more," they say in Quil. In addition, at the request of & # 39; Robles, two psychologists were hired to campus. Another point is the position of DT: at the press conference is shown on the defensive and even an analysis of & # 39; eye. Thus, after falling & # 39; in Venezuela, he said: "The game was showy for the public." On Thursday, in equality against Bolivia, he criticized the ruling: "It shows that all games must be won", he defended himself. It seems that his words be taken seriously: in the U20 category, given to America & # 39; South in Ecuador in 2017, DT registering three draws and three losses. He has not won anything.

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