Sunday , April 2 2023

Rojo: Luis Zapata receives an impressive gift from an anonymous woman: "I & # 39; m shocked" – Shows and Culture


The contestant receives a striking red gift from an anonymous woman:

The young man who wants to be singer said "very sweet voice" asked his address and was very surprised.



Luis Zapata, One of the singers aspiring second season & # 39; red, Shown in & # 39; impressive gift social networks received from an anonymous person.

Through your account Instagram, The man said he was "Impattat" after a woman gave him, nothing more and nothing less, than a great piano.

As this happens? Zapata said that this Sunday "very cute voice contact my mom, Said that he needed to know my address to give a gift in the most respectful way. "


"Never expect to be a huge plant… Imagine how happy my dad is now playing a real and not a drawn one, I'm super happy ", he added.

Remember that the man told the story of his life in the program which showed the fanaticism of his family for the instrument, but the failure to have it.

"Red Thanks for that note of my life to touch the heart & # 39; that person, So that we can share the art with my colleagues and to touch the hearts & # 39; people singing and dancing every day, "he said.


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